Our Solar


We use and sell a variety of solar panels ranging from small 160-watt panels to be used with your camping system up to big 540-watt solar panels to be used on your residential or commercial property.

We do installations using off-grid inverters and grid tied hybrid inverters. We Specialize in SunSynk and Growatt inverters. We have app monitoring technology on all our inverters that allows us to monitor and provide remote support to all our clients 24/7.

We recommend cleaning and maintenance to be done on all solar systems at least every 6 months. This includes cleaning of all solar panels and inverters, checking all connections and verifying system operation and integrity.

We have over 70 active solar systems that we monitor and maintain ranging from small 3 kw systems to big 150kw commercial plants. We install a monitoring tool in your DB for 7 days to collect your kwh usage. This information allows us to give you an accurate quote on the correct size of system needed for your load needs.

Do you need help with your Solar Panels, Inverters, Maintenance or Solar Systems?